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CWA Airline Agents March for Better Pay, Healthcare, and Safety at CLT

On Wednesday, March 30th, CWA airline agents from Local 3645 in Charlotte joined union brothers and sisters from SEIU for the National Airport Workers Day of Action. The agents rallied to demand respect, higher pay, and safety on the job—including protection from assault by unruly passengers.

“We want them to raise the standards,” said Local 3645 President Donielle Prophete. “They’re making millions of dollars, getting money from the federal government, and they’re not trickling it down to their employees.”

Donielle told local journalists that some of her members—who have been true frontline workers throughout the pandemic—make so little that they have to live in their cars or in shelters.

Organizers are calling on all airlines to provide a living wage, paid time off, and good health care benefits for all airline workers.