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Join the Call for Justice for Agents

We are all aware of the alarming increase in assaults on passenger service agents and other airline workers since air travel resumed in the wake of pandemic travel restrictions. What's equally alarming is federal law enforcement agents are not doing enough to protect CWA agents who have been on the front lines in the battle to protect the travelling public since the beginning of this crisis.

Today, CWA joined other transportation unions, who together represent tens of thousands of airline workers across the United States, in demanding that the U.S. government address this issue, including prosecuting abusive passengers under applicable federal law. Click here to read the full letter.

We need your help to make sure government officials understand that passenger service agents and other airline workers are facing threats and assaults by unruly passengers every day as we simply do our jobs. It's time for the federal government to enforce laws meant to protect airline employees!

Please share this message and the link to the letter above on social media. If you've been the victim of passenger abuse on the job, share your story.

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