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Bargaining Updates

Bargaining Update 11/13

The CWA bargaining committee met with the Piedmont bargaining committee last week to exchange proposals.

The Union and the Company discussed the following proposals:

  • Article 3: Seniority
  • Article 4: Filling of Vacancies
  • Article 5: Furlough
  • Article 6: Hours of Service
  • Article 7: Probation
  • Article 8: Overtime
  • Article 9: Training
  • Article 10: Uniforms
  • Article 11: Holidays
  • Article 19: Grievance
  • Article 28: Drug & Alcohol Testing

There was much discussion this session, however, no agreements were made. There are proposals for many changes by the Company and the Union, so it is important for members to get involved and stay involved throughout the process.

Sign up for updates by email or texts by filling out this form, participate in upcoming mobilization activities, talk with your coworkers, and explain to new hires the importance of the Union.

The next bargaining session is scheduled for December 19th and 20th.

Mobilization activities will be communicated before each session. Don't forget to send your solidarity selfies and group photos to with your name and station to show all Piedmont stations are watching the progress of bargaining.

Remember, we are stronger together!